Call for Proposals in Knowledge Mobilization

Posted on February 25th, 2013

Since 2000, the Canadian Stroke Network has supported collaborative research projects aimed at having an impact on stroke prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. As the CSN enters its final year of operations, the Board of Directors and management have elected to invest in select activities that will ensure the knowledge generated from over a decade of CSN- funded research is communicated fully to end users, including clinicians, researchers, policy-makers, the public, and those living with the effects of stroke. To this end, the CSN is issuing a call for proposals for knowledge mobilization activities associated with previously funded CSN research projects. Details are as follow:

  • All previously funded CSN researchers are eligible to apply, regardless of the time period of funding. Eligible individuals must have received CSN funds to be considered. Collaborators (those who participated in CSN projects but did not receive funds) are not eligible. Eligible applicants must have received funding for research projects, not trainee awards (such as Focus on Stroke).
  • Only one award will be granted per CSN-funded project, and applicants are encouraged to coordinate activities to ensure there is no duplication of effort.
  • Funding will be limited to $25,000 per applicant for one year. These funds may not be used for funding research or for personnel awards. They may only be used for knowledge mobilization activities as per the guidelines below.
  • CSN management will review applications. The CSN Board of Directors will provide the final approval and rests in the sole discretion of the CSN.
  • Applications are due Friday, March 15. Final approval will be provided in early April and funds will be flowed prior to April 30, 2013. All funding must be used in its entirety by April 30, 2014 with no option for carry-over.
  • Please submit applications to For more information, please contact Katie Lafferty at the above email or by phone at: 613-562-5390.Proposals GuidelinesProposals should be a maximum of 2-pages long with no appendices, budget excluded. Please use a font size of at least 11 points. Proposals should be structured as follows:

1. Applicant Information

Please indicate name, institutional affiliation, and refer to the CSN-funded research project for which further knowledge mobilization funding is being sought.

2. Description of Knowledge Mobilization Activities

Please describe the rationale for further knowledge mobilization activities, the nature of the activities, and the expected outcome/impact. Knowledge mobilization activities may include (but are not limited to): information dissemination, presentation of key findings, the development of end-user products or tools, documentation of lessons-learned, development of policy papers, workshops with end-users, and communications activities. Further research and or research personnel funding will not be considered eligible.

3. Budget

Please provide details and rationale for the use of the funds requested. There is no prescribed template for the budget.

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