Canadian Stroke Network
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Canadian Stroke Network

The Canadian Stroke Network – one of Canada’s Networks of Centres of Excellence – is a unique collaborative effort that brings together researchers, students, government, industry and the non-profit sector. At present, the Network has more than 100 researchers at 24 universities across the country. The Canadian Stroke Network, which began in 1999 with $4.7 million in seed funding from the federal government, is a not-for-profit corporation, governed by a Board of Directors and headquartered at the University of Ottawa.The Network puts Canada at the forefront of stroke research through its multi-disciplinary research program, high-quality training for Canadian scientists and clinicians, and national and global partnerships. The Canadian Stroke Network is dedicated to decreasing the physical, social and economic consequences of stroke on the individual and on society. In pursuit of this goal, it aims to:

  1. Promote research excellence
  2. Train researchers and practitioners
  3. Maximize health and economic benefits
  4. Build national consensus on stroke policy
  5. Create added value through partnerships

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