Canadian Stroke Network
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Canadian Stroke Network

Antoine Hakim
CEO and Scientific Director,
Canadian Stroke Network

Norm Campbell
(Primary Prevention Representative)
Canadian Chair in Hypertension Prevention and Control,
University of Calgary

Ashfaq Shuaib
(Theme 1 Leader)
Director, Division of Neurology,
University of Alberta

Moira Kapral
(Theme 2 Leader)
Institute for Clinical and Evaluative Sciences

John MacDonald
(Theme 3 Leader)

Scientific Director of the Neuro Rehabilitation Program,
Robarts Research Institute

Mark Bayley
(Theme 4 Co-leader)

Medical Director of the Neuro Rehabilitation Program,
Toronto Rehab

Dale Corbett
Theme 4 Co-leader)
University of Ottawa

Thomas Harrison
(Trainee Representative)

University of British Columbia

Ex-officio, non-voting:

Katie Lafferty
Executive Director,
Canadian Stroke Network

Mike Sharma
Deputy Scientific Director, Clinical Affairs
Canadian Stroke Network

Kevin Willis
Director of Partnerships,
Canadian Stroke Network

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