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Canadian Stroke Network

The Quality of Stroke Care in Canada

In all sectors, it is important to have good data. If you’re going to make a difference, you need to know what is going on. You can rely on bits and pieces from Statistics Canada, trade associations or other agencies – or you can go out and collect exactly what you need and set up a system for gathering it.

In June, the Canadian Stroke Network released the first-ever report on the Quality of Stroke Care in Canada.

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Accreditation Canada: Stroke Services
Recognizing stroke services that are worthy of Distinction

“Stroke distinction” Program

From the inception of the Canadian Stroke Strategy, the CSN’s goal has been to work with Accreditation Canada on a program that would integrate stroke best practices and stroke system monitoring into current accreditation programs. We are pleased that the “Stroke Distinction” program — the first disease-specific accreditation effort in Canada — was recently introduced.

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