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Canadian Stroke Network

Stroke Rehabilitation Evidence-Based Review: Transforming the Stroke Rehabilitation System in Canada

Project Leader:

Robert Teasell, University of Western Ontario

Project Team:

Jeff Jutai, University of Western Ontario
Mark Speechley, University of Western Ontario
Norine Foley, Lawson Health Research Institute
Katherine Salter, Lawson Health Research Institute

Project Summary:

The Stroke Rehabilitation Evidence-Based Review (SREBR) is the most comprehensive and extensive research synthesis of stroke rehabilitation anywhere in the world and provides the impetus for a much needed transformation of the Canadian stroke rehabilitation system.

This research project enhances the value of the SREBR, now in its 10th edition, as a resource to researchers, clinicians, decisionmakers and consumers concerned with stroke care.

SREBR has been used for development of clinical guidelines and research priorities worldwide, and has become the platform upon which a number of nationwide, multi-centered projects focused on translating best evidence into clinical practice have been developed. Collaborations have been forged with researchers throughout Canada and internationally and the SREBR continues to be used in new and unique ways to facilitate research and improve patient care. More than 50 peer-reviewed articles have been published based on its findings.

The SREBR will continue to focus on improving the understanding of what makes rehabilitation effective and where the greatest opportunities for efficiencies exist, while working in synergy with CSN researchers.

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