Life After Strokes is an organization devoted to innovative and out-of-the-box research to better lives and maximize the living experience. We aim to understand things in ways that weren’t possible before.

Stroke has several risk factors and adverse effects on the lives of people. However, suffering from a stroke does not have to hamper the quality of your life or disrupt your comfort – and this is why we are here.

Here at Life After Strokes, we aim to reduce, and if possible, eradicate these effects and help you live your best possible life! Life after Strokes is committed to educating and guiding you on leading healthier and fuller lives, whether pre or post-stroke.

Research to Enhance Lives 

With your assistance, Life After Strokes intends to take the lead on developing improvements in heart and brain health, prevent strokes, and improve the quality of life for stroke survivors. They say knowledge is power, and we intend to make you as powerful as possible by arming you with well-detailed and correct information.

The Strategy  

Our strategy is commitment: commitment to accuracy, excellence, and results. Our commitment to ensuring excellence is what directs our research and priorities. We intend to partner with top-notch researchers and medical personnel to present you with the latest and most accurate information on all heart and brain health matters.

The Impact

From preventing disease and developing life-saving interventions to transforming rehabilitation, our research is incredibly life-changing. It cuts across different fields and supplies thorough and comprehensive information to our readers, helping them lead better and healthier lives.

Ways You Can Contribute

You can take part in clinical trials or assist in reviewing research proposals. Our team of researchers cannot do the job alone. Volunteering or being part of clinical trials can benefit your loved ones and tons of other people out there.