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Canadian Stroke Network



The brain requires a very high and sustained energy supply. Although it is an organ that doesn’t move or pump, its synthesis and communication activities need a constant supply of blood. Every gram of brain extracts energy from a millilitre of blood a minute. A stroke is what happens when this blood supply is diminished below a threshold of about 1/3 of normal blood supply. It is comforting to know that we have reserve: We can tolerate 2/3 decline in blood supply without symptoms. The deficits that appear after a stroke depend on what part of the brain has been deprived of energy.

The Canadian Stroke Network (CSN) currently funds four themes of research:

  1. preventing stroke
  2. optimizing acute stroke care
  3. minimizing stroke damage
  4. post-stroke repair and recovery

Within each theme, we provide a description of the scientific issues and the projects within the theme. We also list the project leader (and his/her research institution) and the other principal investigators or collaborators involved in the project.

Theme I
Theme II
Theme III
Theme IV
Funding Opportunities/Grants

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