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someone wearing a compressor stockings

Can Compression Socks Prevent Blood Clots?

Have you ever wondered if those tight-fitting compression socks you see athletes wearing can improve your health? It turns out compression socks aren’t just for performance – they may help prevent some severe medical conditions. But can compression socks prevent blood clots?
Before you get curious about where to buy compression socks, let’s check out the health benefits. Blood clots, medically known as deep vein thrombosis or DVT, occur when blood thickens into clots inside veins. If a clot breaks loose and travels to the lungs, it can be life-…

can cbd help stroke recovery

Can CBD Help Stroke Recovery? What Research Says So Far

A stroke is one of the most severe medical conditions a person can experience. Unfortunately, it’s also widespread and currently the third leading cause of death in the U.S. Moreover, about 14000 Canadians die of stroke yearly.
This begs the question: is there anything else to help speed up the recovery process?
Candian CBD oil bloggers have spoken about how CBD is a promising option that …


Tips To Prevent A Stroke

Everyone should understand what they can do to prevent strokes. It does not matter whether you are young or have no family history of it. After all, strokes can affect every single one of us. You might be wondering if certain activities put you at a higher risk of stroke. Studies suggest that vaping is among them, although this claim will only be more verifiable in the future. vaping is a good process Recommended by some experts. In the meantime, there are clear and proven ways to practice stroke prevention. The following tips below can lower your risk for the condition.
Bring down blood …

Healthcare Management vs. Hospital Management: Where Do They Align?

The healthcare industry accounts for a significant portion of the present economy and is crucial to the establishment of multinational corporations and their business models. As a result, we can say that the healthcare industry offers a diverse range of job options all over the world.
In any industry, including healthcare, management skills are essential. The managers in healthcare organizations and hospitals ensure the custom healthcare solution through a cost-effective and efficient manner. So, what’s the difference between healthcare…

How to Manage your Medication

In treating stroke it is crucial to have a good grip on your medication and follow it to the letter.
Filling up Your Prescription
There are a few tips to ensure you don’t miss your doses:

 Fill up your prescriptions as soon as you receive them from the pharmacy. The hospital can even send your prescription to the pharmacy, allowing you to pick up your meds on your way home.
Purchase your drugs from one pharmacy so that your pharmacist can be familiar with your medications.
Get your refills at least three days earlier so that you don’t run out before you get them…


Sadness is different from depression. Sadness is usually intermittent in that it comes and goes. It is perfectly normal to feel sad or lost after suffering a stroke. Sadness that does not leave may indicate depression.
Most stroke survivors and their loved ones may slip into clinical depression. It is vital to know the signs for easy recognition and to get qualified help. Depression can impede your recovery, and fortunately, there are treatment options.
Physical signs of depression;

Subtle or exaggerated changes in sleep pattern (insomnia or oversleeping)
Changes in eating pattern
Weight gain or…

Signs of a Stroke

As aforementioned, stroke is a medical emergency and requires immediate medical attention. Some of the signs of stroke can be recognized by what is known as F.A.S.T.
The fast acronym embodies the most common signs of a stroke

Is your Face drooping?
Can you lift both Arms?
Is your Speech jumbled or slurred?
Then it is Time to call 9-1-1 immediately.

If you exhibit one or more of these signs, then you …

Working Out After Stroke

Working out is not only a great way to get back into shape and keep fit but also a good way to maintain your health through rehabilitation. Exercise can help you stay fit and much healthier – in all ramifications – to minimize the chances of a stroke recurrence.
It can also help enhance your quality of living, even from the comfort of your personal space. But stroke is a tad complex and requires personalized exercises to ensure safety – a physiotherapist may be advisable.
Tips for a Successful Exercise After a Stroke

Inform your stroke team that you are ready to work out before you begin any …

The Power of Community

Connecting with people who have gone through a similar experience can be a helpful way to heal. Life After Strokes offers two ways to remain connected if you or a loved one live with conditions like stroke, heart disease, or vascular cognitive impairment.
1. Online Group Support
Community of Fighters
If you have been diagnosed or just had an event, our loving and united online community is here and ready to support you. The Community for Fighters is aimed at providing survivors in Canada with a safe, welcoming, and bilingual space. Here, you will discuss what it is like to live with heart disease or stroke.