The Power of Community

Connecting with people who have gone through a similar experience can be a helpful way to heal. Life After Strokes offers two ways to remain connected if you or a loved one live with conditions like stroke, heart disease, or vascular cognitive impairment.

1. Online Group Support

Community of Fighters

If you have been diagnosed or just had an event, our loving and united online community is here and ready to support you. The Community for Fighters is aimed at providing survivors in Canada with a safe, welcoming, and bilingual space. Here, you will discuss what it is like to live with heart disease or stroke.

A Community for Care Supporters

Are you a caregiver of someone living with a heart condition or stroke? If so, our online community is here for you. It gives a safe, welcoming, and bilingual space for caregivers all around Canada.

Monthly Newsletter: Community Connect

Our newsletter is a cost-free monthly online newsletter that offers an avenue to take part in the research. It is also a good platform to take charge of your health with info on advancing research and much more. If you’ve ever experienced any heart condition, stroke, or are a caregiver or healthcare provider, then this newsletter is for you.

FAQS About our Online Community and Newsletter

Q: What support can I get from Life After Strokes online community?

Firstly, you will find tons of info on heart diseases and stroke on our site. Besides, we also have peer communities where the members give and get support. You will also be updated on opportunities you may be interested in.

Q: Is it open to anyone?

No. To ensure a safe space, membership is controlled and limited to either members or caregivers.

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