How to Manage your Medication

In treating stroke it is crucial to have a good grip on your medication and follow it to the letter.

Filling up Your Prescription

There are a few tips to ensure you don’t miss your doses:

  •  Fill up your prescriptions as soon as you receive them from the pharmacy. The hospital can even send your prescription to the pharmacy, allowing you to pick up your meds on your way home.
  • Purchase your drugs from one pharmacy so that your pharmacist can be familiar with your medications.
  • Get your refills at least three days earlier so that you don’t run out before you get them.
  •  Always keep track of your refills and keep in touch with your healthcare provider to get prescriptions for your refills when you need them.

Follow Your Prescriptions Religiously

Some people will require their medications for the rest of their lives. Inconsistency or abruptly stopping your medication can be detrimental to your health. Religiously following your prescription means;

  • Taking each one at a regular time every day at the prescribed dosage.
  • Not sharing your medication with others
  • Taking the medication as ordered by your healthcare provider or pharmacist

If you find yourself forgetting to take your medication, you can;

  • Purchase a pill organizer. They have separate compartments for each drug and time of the day. A glance at your pill organizer will definitely remind you to take your pill.
  • Put your medication in open spaces, where they are easily seen but out of reach from children.
  • You can set alarms on your phone or smartwatch.

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