Working Out After Stroke

Working out is not only a great way to get back into shape and keep fit but also a good way to maintain your health through rehabilitation. Exercise can help you stay fit and much healthier – in all ramifications – to minimize the chances of a stroke recurrence.

It can also help enhance your quality of living, even from the comfort of your personal space. But stroke is a tad complex and requires personalized exercises to ensure safety – a physiotherapist may be advisable.

Tips for a Successful Exercise After a Stroke

  • Inform your stroke team that you are ready to work out before you begin any program. They will help you determine whether it is safe for you to start an exercise program.
  • Discuss hip protectors with your physiotherapist because strokes may cause poor balance, which may lead to a hip fracture.
  • Undergo regular revaluation by your fitness instructor. Evaluations ensure that your exercises are safe and effective.
  • Exercising can be difficult, but with consistency, you will make progress. Most workouts need discipline because routines are repetitive and somewhat boring.
  • Have a workout group. According to research, exercising with people increases interest and motivation.
  • Keep yourself motivated. What workouts do you enjoy doing? Do you prefer listening to music while working out? You can always set weekly or daily goals with rewards.
  • Pause your workout if you feel anything wrong in your body or experience difficulty breathing. If you still feel uncomfortable after some minutes, contact your doctor or stroke team immediately.